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​2021 Pre-orders ? When, What, How?!

par Camille Deslauriers le

Uptated July 14th 2021 - 11:00 We taught we had seen everything in 2020, but 2021 has brought us it's own set of challenges. We wanted to thank...

10 trucs pour donner du love au Saint-Laurent

par Camille Deslauriers le

By Anne-Marie Asselin Blue Organization X TAIGA, for Plastic Free July July represents vacation time for many, but just because we switch from our work to play clothes,...

SUP CAMPING 101 : tout ce qu'il faut savoir

par Camille Deslauriers le

Written by Laurence Coulombe, TAIGA BAORD ambassador __________________ Do you dream of adventure? Of camping on a desert island? Of discovering unique places Of being able to access...

Rules and Safety 101 in Stand Up Paddle

par Marie-Pier Bastien le

La sécurité et la réglementation en paddleboard : ce n'est pas à négliger. Si certaines lois existent en matière de veste de flottaison, d'autres conseils sont tout aussi...

From the Atlantic to the Great Lakes, to Preserve the Beauty of Our River

par Nicolas Jolicoeur le

Written by Anne-Marie Asselin Co-founder of l'Organisation Bleue Photos by Anne-Marie Asselin, Jean-Sébastien Létourneau and Richard Mardens The Blue Organization is a non-profit organization based in Quebec and founded...

Adapted Paddle Board - A Unique Project to Develop!

par Simon Brissette le

Paddle Board SUP Adapté, a Unique Project to Develop By: Pascale Martineau Photo credits: Paddle board adapté Adapting the paddle board, a revelation at little extra cost I...

How To Choose The Right SUP Board

par Nicolas Jolicoeur le

How to choose the right SUP board? Here are all the answers to your questions. Construction, length, volume, where to paddle... we've thought of it!

Hard SUP vs Inflatable SUP: Which one to Choose?

par Marie-Pier Bastien le

With all its shapes, sizes or widths, it is difficult to choose the SUP that suits us. The question we are most often asked is: what is the...

How to Cut Your Fixed Length Paddle

par Laurence Coulombe le

Step by step, here is how to cut your 1-piece Performance paddle and adjust it to your eight.

Inflatable SUPs: All You Need to Know

par Marie-Pier Bastien le

Acheter une planche de paddleboard (SUP) gonflable est de plus en plus difficile. Notre mission aujourd’hui : vous informer et vous démêler quant aux différentes options de SUP...

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