5 Best SUP Surf Spots

Article by Pierre-Philippe Loiselle.

In Quebec, SUP surfing culture is gaining in notoriety. For example, the end of the summer and the arrival of the self-employed are also synonymous with "we load up the car and we head to the American East Coast". If like me, you can't wait to take the I-89S towards Maine, Rhode Island or New Hampshire, here are my 5 favorite spots of SUP Surf. 


Level: beginner

Before even hitting the pavement towards the United States, La Vague à Guy is a must, even an obligation. I consider this wave to be the best wave to acquire all the skills in SUP surfing, and then progress to other more technical spots. 

Level: intermediate/advance

Habitat 67 (or H67 for close friends) is a great spot for SUP surfing. At the start of the season, with the shore which has relatively intense waves, at H67 you can experience “big juice” and improve on relatively intense waves. Personally, I believe that when you master these waves well, it is a sign that you can go to sea with confidence, ease and enough skill. 

Level: beginner/intermediate

Jenness Beach: probably one of the places most frequented by Quebec surfers. Not surprisingly, I also love this place. Less difficult than other spots not too far south called "The Wall", Jenness Beach offers several "rest" areas, both at high tide and at low tide. With this in mind, Jenness Beach offers a lot of possibilities for SUP surfers of all levels. 

Level: beginner

In my opinion, this is one of the easiest spots to find a peak on your own. With 2.1 km of beach, Long Sands Beach allows you to be few in the water and to perfect your skills and techniques. Do not forget: although you are alone (or almost) on the water, keep in mind that you must always show etiquette. 


Level: intermediate/advance

For more advanced SUP surfers, Matunuck Beach is incredible, especially when the swell comes from the south. With its many peaks, a left point, an “A-frame” peak, and above all, the “outer reef” far offshore to the right of the beach, Matunuck Beach is a spot to visit. When the conditions are right, the waves at this award-winning spot in Rhode Island offers a long ride that is not too fast and that allows you to carve! 

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Pierre-Philippe Loiselle, better known as Pépé, is an experienced paddler in calm and rough water who frequently surfs the waves of Montreal and the most popular spots on the planet. Over the years, he has participated on several occasions in the MTL SUP Fest where he has since won, the golden paddle for his SUP skills. In short, a go to person in paddleboarding but also in SUP surfing in Quebec. 

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