How to Cut Your Fixed Length Paddle

to ensurethat your connector is properly sealed to the shaft, use the flame of alighter.Woohoo! You've finally purchased the 1-piece performance paddle that you had your eye on last summer! Now you want to know how to adjust it to your height. Here's a step by step guide that explains exactly how to adjust and cut your new paddle so that it becomes your best ally on the water.

You'll need the following items:

  • SUPer important: the black ring/seal connector that is already on your paddle
  • Epoxy glue
  • Sandpaper (180 to 280 grit)
  • Blowdryer (we'll explain this later)
  • Electric tape
  • Hand saw (not electric)

STEP 01 - Finding the right eight for your paddle

Place the paddle next to your body, blade pointing downwards. Raise one of your arms in the air, keeping it as straight as possible. The ideal height for your handle is at your wrist.

STEP 02 - Mark your paddle

Once you've found the correct height for your paddle, mark it on the shaft with a piece of electric tape (or any tape that can easily be removed), just below where you will make your cut.

STEP 03 - Cut your paddle

Step 3 is where your hand saw comes in handy. Using the saw, cut the shaft of your paddle, just above the electric tape.. TAKE YOUR TIME! There's no need to rush into it. Just gently follow the line of the electric tape. If you go too fast, the blade of the saw could bend under pressure and make an uneven cut.

STEP 04 - Sand the interior of the shaft

Before gluing the grip, lightly sand the interior of the shaft and the extension of the grip (the piece that will enter the shaft). Sanding will make the carbon more porous, allowing the glue to better hold in place. That said, if you don't have sandpaper, it will also hold in place. Don't worry!


STEP 05 - Slide the seal connector over the shaft

Gently slide the seal connector over the shaft. We'll explain what to do with it later.

STEP 06 - Prepare the epoxy glue

The momentof truth: gluing it all together. Be sure to read the instructions on the epoxy glue tube prior to using it. Prepare a flat surface (a piece of cardboard which you can recycle afterwards will do) on which you will put the epoxy glue.

Pro tips & tricks

For the grip to properly align with the blade, place your paddle upside down (passive side facing the ground). As your floor is flat, it will serve as a reference to ensure that the grip and the blade are both straight.

STEP 07 - Glue the grip to the shaft

To glue the grip to the shaft, make sure to apply the glue ALL AROUND the tip of the grip as well as inside the shaft of the paddle. Be careful as epoxy glue can be extremely adhesive. Insert the grip in the shaft making sure to quickly remove any excess glue.

STEP 08 – Position seal connector

Once the grip is properly aligned with the blade of the paddle, slide the seal connector to where it belongs: over the joint.

STEP 09 – Use heat to seal the connector to the joint

It's hairdryer time! The heat from the hairdryer will shrink the connector and seal the joint between the shaft and grip.

STEP 10 (Optional) - Reinforce the seal connector

If you want to ensure that your connector is properly sealed to the shaft, use the flame of a lighter.

And there you have it! You are now a paddle pro and equipped to win any race on the water! Trust us, your paddle will soon become your new best friend!

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