Why you should buy your SUP right now

Why should you get your TAIGA BOARD paddle board right now? Here are 4 good reasons that should convince you!

You've always dreamed of owning a TAIGA paddle board, but you keep postponing your order? We have 4 good reasons why 2021 is the year to get that board you’ve always dreamed of!

Before the next SUP season comes around, there's going to be lots going on at TAIGA: Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas... Can you see us coming?

First of all: 

We have lots of products in stock! WHAT? Yes, no joke! This means that you can place your order online now, and pick it up the very next day by making an appointment with our team. No shortage, no shipping delays! Amazing, right? We know, we know... it's exciting. Enjoy it while we still have everything in stock!!


This is your last chance to purchase our products at the 2021 price! If you were waiting until next spring to buy a board, know that prices are expected to increase by 10% to 20% for the 2022 season! By ordering now, you’ll save money AND get your board in time for the first beautiful day of spring!


Remember last spring's raw material shortage? The chances of that happening again are likely... They even talk about it in the news.


Because we love our TAIGA Tribe, we decided to offer a Black Friday promo so that you can finally purchase the board of your dreams!. We’ll be sharing all the details in the upcoming days/weeks so be sure to follow us on social media and subscribe to our newsletter. . You prefer to wait for our pre-season sale? Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee that there’ll be one, so don’t take any chances and keep an eye out for our upcoming deals!

Now, those were the main reasons, but we should add that SUPing in the fall and the winter is a fun challenge, that a hard SUP makes for great home decor, that we have the most rigid inflatable boards on the market, and that our look is timeless.

So, your best buddy needs to change his wakesurf? Your cousin is a new surfer, and his birthday is coming up? Your girlfriend has been telling you all summer long that "TAIGAs are the best!" Talk about awesome gift ideas to put under the tree! (Ok, Ok, these gifts can’t fit under the tree, we know... but, they could be THE tree, right?) Start shopping now and stay tuned, fun discounts are just around the corner...

Psst… Enjoy it while supplies last! We still can’t believe everything we have in stock!

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