SUP Yoga: 5 Easy Positions

Text: Nadia Bonenfant
Photography: Sophie Corriveau


Practicing yoga on our paddleboard, we have all thought about it. After giving it a try, we quickly realized that it might not be as easy as on stable ground. Thankfully, our SUP Yoga ambassador, Nadia Bonenfant, has just returned from the wonderful Magdalen Islands and presents us with 5 of her favourite positions in SUP Yoga!

To be performed in a bathing suit or wetsuit!


Because the practice of SUP yoga normally requires freeing both hands, what to do with the paddle? To keep it close to your body and keep it on the board, equip yourself with straps. These will secure your paddle during your practice.


A position achievable for all levels, allowing you to work your abs, the bottom of your back and your shoulders. Great for stimulating blood circulation during colder periods or for working on the abdominal-pelvic area. Place yourself in the center of your board for a greater balance and keep your toes on the SUP if you are beginning to introduce this pose during practices. 


A SUPer (we apologize for the play on words, it was too easy) position to work on your equilibrium center, a slight opening of the hips and stimulating the stabilizing muscles in the body. The eagle arms add a great value to the position by working on a deep stretch of the shoulders and shoulder blades. A great position after having paddled all day on your board. 


A great way to reinforce the wrists and shoulders for a season of paddling and yoga on the water. Also allows activation of the muscles at the bottom of the back and the thighs. Caution: Do not let the bottom of your back go. Conserve the sternum to sacrum balance here or place your knees down on the board if the effort in terms of your arms and shoulders is too demanding. 


An interesting position, as we are working on the lateral side of the board! Come awaken your deep stability and stretch those intercostal muscles, while also allowing for deep breathing. Also works on the abdominal-pelvic area and stimulates the stabilizing muscles. 


A more intermediate position, but that is still easily manageable on a paddleboard. Place your two feet at the width of your hips and on either side of the central handle. Take the chair position and contract your bellybutton towards your spine. Once stable, add the twist with your hands placed together and your elbow towards the exterior of the opposite knee. Remain centered in terms of the ankle – knees – hips relationship. Excellent for the digestive system, to stimulate the abdominals and the stabilizing muscles! Breathe deeply. 

For more SUP Yoga positions, follow our ambassadors Nadia and Mylène from JUNA Yoga!

Happy SUPYoga!

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