TOP 10 Christmas Gifts for Your Favorite Paddle Boarder

The first snow has fallen, Christmas decorations are up everywhere, and your wintery playlists are on repeat ... We can officially say: IT’S BEGINNING TO LOOK A LOT LIKE CHRISTMAS!

Looking for that special something for the SUP enthusiast in your family? The season is coming soon (let's be optimistic)? We are offering you free shipping on orders of 75$ or more! Enjoy!

We've put together a list of great TAIGA gift ideas that will be sure to please your partner, best friend, great aunt or even yourself!

1 – Paddle Board

First and foremost, if you haven't had the chance to read our blog on Why you should buy your TAIGA paddle board before the end of the year, now’s the time! It’ll be the best (and cost-saving) 5 minutes of your year!

You don't need to wait until Christmas to gift a TAIGA paddle board: but you have to agree that a paddle board wrapped in paper with a huge bow on it is original and won’t go unnoticed! Small tip: it takes a little bit of time and attention to wrap a board... Give yourself a head start and order soon, : we've got lots of stuff in stock now!

Price: starting at $1082

Do you or your partner already have a SUP? Here's our list of gift ideas to complete your kit.

2- Paddle and Paddle Bag

We can all agree that a paddle is always useful when you have a SUP!

A high-quality paddle and good paddling techniques make all the difference on the water. Unique designs. excellent value for money, vast selection for performance and weight, fixed-length, 2-piece, 3-piece – so many options to choose from! You won’t regret the upgrade.

Price: starting at $232

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While you're at it, why not check out our paddle bags? A well-invested 45$ that will protect your paddle, just like a board bag protects your board.

Price: $45

3 - Electric Pump

Everyone's favorite part of paddle boarding is being on the water! Inflating your board, meh! Let the electric pump do the job while you take it easy, have some water, put on some sunscreen and save your energy for paddling. A precious 15 minutes of extra time that we’re sure you’ll enjoy!

Price: $169

4 - Surfskate and Longboard

A longboard or surf-style cruiser is a must-have come spring. It's a great gift to give, and it's just as fun to receive:

Our surfskate is a smooth cruiser, perfect for sharper turns and cruising the streets, alleys, etc. The EVA pad offers a unique feel and a very smooth and comfortable glide.

If you prefer a more agile longboard, our longboard is the perfect balance between agility and glide.

Price: starting at $176

5 – Boardbag for Hard Paddle Board

A boardbag, ESSENTIEL for our hard paddle boards. Without it, your board is always at risk of dings and scratches. Help eliminate stress for anyone who owns a TAIGA hard paddle board by gifting them (or yourself!) a board bag... Not having to worry about asphalt and rocks damaging your board is priceless.

Price: starting at $212

6 – Hard Paddle Board Transport Kit (Tie Down Straps and Roof Rack Pad)

Our TAIGA straps and roof rack pads for round or flat bars are now available! With this kit, you'll be ready for any expedition and you’ll drive peacefully knowing that your board will stay safely put thanks to our specialized SUP straps!

Price for the Kit: $76

7 – Drybag 20L

A classic... whether it's to carry your lunch on a SUP expedition or to keep your clothes and valuables safe from the elements, the drybag is easy to carry and is equipped with 2 shoulder straps, available in 3 colors.

Price: $38

8 - Anchor for SUP

New this year at TAIGA! Our anchors, perfect for SUP yoga, for fishing, or for gazing at the stars, are the perfect accessory to give to a SUP enthusiast!

Price: $65

9 - SWAG

Our much loved "wetsuit season" crewnecks are back in stock, along with our "TAIGA vibes" long sleeves! Available in black or white, these perfect stocking stuffers will be sure to keep your loved-ones (or yourself!) warm and cozy this winter.

Price: starting at $39

10 – Beanies and Caps

Our beanies and caps are back in stock and are must-haves for summer and winter! We have a selection of awesome colors and trendy models, for kids and adults alike!

Price: starting at $27

We know, we just busted our TOP 10, but there’s just too much good stuff to share!

11 - SUP Surf and Surf

It’s been a long wait, but we can now officially cross the border to go catch some waves! Order your dream board, and head out to the sea for the weekend with your besties!

Price: starting at $742

12 - Wakesurf

Every summer, your buddy Marco invites you and your buddies on his boat to wakesurf on those hot summer days... As a token pf appreciation for those memorable outings, why not get Marco a wakesurf of his own! And you’re in luck, we have several models to choose from!

Price: $692

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