Storing Your SUP During Winter

That time of year has come where you must sadly put away your SUP and say goodbye until next year. After shedding a few tears, you must now find a spot where your board can hibernate during the long winter months. To help you out, here is what you must do in order to properly store your board during the winter season:

Step 1:

Thoroughly clean your board to remove any dirt, sand, and residue. To do this, take a gentle soap mixed with some water and rub the entire surface of your board.

*IMPORTANT: Avoid any harsh, chemical or solvent products.


Step 2:

Let your board dry. It must be completely dry before storing. If your board is slightly humid, with the temperature variations, it will not be good.


Step 3:

Once you have chosen the right spot for its storage, avoid putting any objects on top of your board. Your SUP is not a shelf! Also, make sure that your board is stable wherever it is stored.

You have completed steps 1-3? Good, now here is what you need to know:

Do I need to store my SUP in a travel bag?

Whether it’s summer or winter, it is always highly recommended to store your board in a bag. This one protects your board during transportation, but also protects it from extreme weather conditions and humidity. One important point: don’t forget to ensure that the bag is COMPLETELY dry before inserting your board and storing it for the winter season.


Storing my board in my garage, good or bad?

It depends on the temperature! Although we definitely do not recommend storing your board in any area way below freezing point, a garage with a constant temperature of 0°C is not too bad. However, with our vast temperature gaps and our cold Canadian winters, it is still not what is most ideal. Let’s remind ourselves that our boards are built of foam: a material filled with air and therefore highly sensitive to thermal expansion. A cold board can therefore become a broken board. To avoid such unfortunate occurrences, try to find a nice warm place to store your beloved board.


Where is the best place to store my SUP?

The best spots to store your board are dry, isolated and ideally heated areas. Whether it is your home, basement or garage, it is simply important to not store your board in extremely cold or extremely hot places. If it is possible to store your board indoors: Jackpot! You can even make it a Pinterest worthy statement piece within your home.


Do I need to deflate my inflatable board before storing it?

Yes, we recommend deflating your inflatable board before storage and to securely place it in its bag. Even if the board remains folded on itself for several months, it will not become damaged in any way. If you do decide to leave it inflated, make sure to bring it down several PSI. 

Should I remove all fins and accessories from my SUP?

Yes, it is preferable to remove any accessories from your SUP: fin and leash, to avoid scuffing or damaging during storage. Ideally, you keep in mind where you have stored everything. It will most likely be useful the following summer.

There you have it! If your heart desires, it is always possible to hit the water during the winter season. One thing is for sure however, you must dress accordingly and bring all necessary accessories with you. To find out what to wear, check this out.

Happy winter! Or…happy waiting until next summer!

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