Surf - Mini Malibu 7'2


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Surfboard Mini Malibu 7'2

Ideal surf board for beginners or for experienced surfers who want to catch the maximum of waves. A wide board from the tail to the nose, it is stable and makes rowing easier. Ideal for beginners or for the East coast waves.

  • Dimension: 7’2’’ x 21.6’’ x 2.9’’
  • Volume: 50 L
  • Construction Surf Wood Series.
    • 6oz fiberglass sandwich, epoxy and real wood veneer
    • Foam 25kg/m3 
    • Laminated wood Stringer
  • 5 fins
    • 1 x central 9.0'' fibre glass
    • 2 x side fins 4.6'' honeycomb
    • 2 x side fins 4.3'' honeycomb 


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