Alex Lépine

Alex Lépine Alex Lépine

Describe yourself in a few sentences.

Outside of my regular 40-hour workweeks, I make the time to get out on the water whenever I can. Living close to the river, and luckily being able to spend my weekends in the Laurentians, I take advantage of each and every moment to be out on the water. Aside from that, I have travelled throughout Iceland, photographing its beauty, as well as all over the US, embarking on excursions upon numerous rivers, lakes and oceans with my Taiga board. 

When you are not on the water, what do you do?

I spend my free time working on personal projects, such as photography, mechanical work and renovation! Aside from that, I work Monday to Friday, a bit like everyone else. The remainder of my free time, I spend it out on the water. 

What is your favourite paddleboard spot?

Iceland and Utah. Opposite in nature, but both possessing such unique environments. The first location is a forever Winter Wonderland with its glaciers and seals, while the other is situated in a desert with an arid environment. 

What is your preferred Taiga Board?

I use the inflatable Borea 10’6 to travel. Its practical format facilitates transportation by plane and car during road trips. When I am at home, in Canada, I use my hard Borea. It is perfect for rivers and lakes. I am able to do anything with this board due to its high stability. I even have enough room onboard to bring my dog along. 

If you could choose your dream spot to practice SUP, where would it be? 

I dream of visiting the Arctic and Norway for their sceneries, but also to take advantage of their wildlife. If not, since I really enjoy urban areas, I would love to visit Venice to wander the Italian streets. 

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