Antoine Caron Cabana

Who is Antoine from the TAIGA TRIBE?

I got my first SUP Surf in 2012 which was actually for me the only way to be able to surf / Physio following a partial knee reconstruction. The sport was in its infancy, especially in North America, TAIGA allowed me to have designer boards that met my needs and the gap in the market offer. Over time we have managed to develop a full range of SUP Surf, Touring and Racing boards together. This allowed me to make several field trips to Hawaii, Tofino and the Islands, as well as to realize projects and adventures. It's TAIGA's attentiveness and involvement that still motivates me today, 9 years later. 


When you don’t have both feet in the water, what do you do? 

 I try to keep a balance between work, friends, family and sports. I am involved in many projects and I make sure that my schedule fits the waves. 


What is your favorite spot (on the water, obviously) and why? 

 I spent a lot of time SUP-Surfing on Vancouver Island... I think camping on the beaches of Sombrio in front of the station wagon with a big Southern Swell will remain my favorite spot. The caves on the Islands, the SandBar on Plum Island, the long straights of Point Judith in the fall... There are too many spots I have in mind. 

 However I love to walk in the Marais de la Rivière aux Cerises at the mouth of Lake Memphremagog in the fall... It looks like we are in the Louisiana bayous. 


Your go to TAIGA board(s) and why? 

 Sup Surf the Cabron 7,7 and the Cabronito which has less volume. Otherwise the Kazuzu for exploring and camping. If you had to choose one ‘’dream spot’’ to go and enjoy your board, where would it be? Why? I would go to Argentina or Iceland to explore. 


If you had one piece of advice to give to a rookie who doesn't know the wonderful world of water sports yet, what would it be? 

 Don’t be a Kook.

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