Damages Warranty

Warranty for damages related to transportation and delivery

Taiga Board makes a very large effort to ensure that all merchandise is safely and timely delivered. We are therfore happy to assume all transportation and/or delivery damages if handled appropriately. All damages correctly reported are credited or replaced as soon as possible. Damages that are misreported are subject for questionning by our customer service department, and no credit or replacement is guaranteed. Cases may take 30 to 120 days to be 100% processed.

Requirements :

  • Proof of original purchase from Taigaboard.com
  • Pictures clearly showing the defect(s)
  • Model & serial number
  • You must be the initial buyer
  • The reclamation & warranty form must be properly filled out and submitted to info@taigaboard.ca no more than 7 days after the initial discovery of the defect. Taiga Board will evaluate the claim within the next 5-10 business days following the reciept date of the form.

Warranty does NOT cover:

  • Any damages incurred after delivery.

* All boards and boxes must be inspected upon delivery; all damages must be noted on the delivery form.

* Taiga Board is not responsible for damages that have not been indicated on the delivery form.

Formulaire de dommage à la livraison

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