Maintenance and Safety


Caution: Never expose your board to intense heat or direct sunlight during transportation or otherwise.


Extra caution should be implemented to protect your board from extreme heat and direct sunlight. Excessive exposure can result in irreversible damages.

Possible damages include:

  • Loss of form and quality of board
  • Delamination of the fiberglass
  • The anti-slip pad could melt or come off
  • Fading of colour
  • Air bubble in the fiberglass
  • Fissures could appear 



Always wear a personal flotation devise (pfd) that has been approved by transport Canada.

Participating in paddle sports can be dangerous, physically strenuous and can cause serious injury or death. If needed, consult your health care provider before participating in such sports.

Follow these guidelines for use of all Taiga Board products.

  • Always use a personal flotation device (PFD) that has been approved by transport Canada
  • Follow instructions given to you by the vender of the product
  • Read and follow all recommendations made by the manufacturer before using the product, as well as those on Taiga board’s website:
  • Take an instructional course before using the product
  • Always carry first aid equipment with you on all outings or expeditions
  • Know your limits and do not surpass them
  • Never use in rapids unless having first mastered the board on flat water as well as having received proper training for rapids
  • Take regular lessons to properly assess your skill level
  • Never use the product under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol
  • Always wear a (PFD), except when using the board in rapids. In rapids your PFD can restrict movement which is dangerous. Before use in rapids you must first master not only the use of the paddle but swimming as well.
  • Always wear clothes appropriate for the weather as well as water temperature. Cold temperature can easily cause hypothermia.
  • Always have your board fitted with a leash which is in turn attached to your ankle. Keep in mind that a leash is not designed to be a safety feature. It is not designed to compensate for uneasiness with a paddle, trouble swimming, or lack of knowledge of the sea.

Security precautions and common sense

  • Always keep your paddle in hand. Your paddle is very important for your propulsion and maneuverability as well as for your security. If you drop your paddle in the water, pick it up as quickly as possible. Do not paddle out into the surf if you have not mastered how to control your paddle. A paddle that is floating freely can be dangerous to other surfers.
  • Always check your board's fins making sure there are not any jagged edges that could hurt you or others
  • Always have a spare fin. Helps prevent injuries to yourself and others.
  • Only use accessories approved by the manufacturer
  • Never paddle alone.
  • Be sure to know the body of water you are going out on as well as any changes in the water level and tide that could prove to be dangerous. Never go out in flooded areas.
  • Always respect other surfers
  • Before going out on the water always verify current strength and wave configuration.

Precautions for using a leash:

Keep in mind that a leash is not designed to be a safety feature. It is not designed to compensate for uneasiness with a paddle, trouble swimming, or lack of knowledge of the sea. Taiga board is not responsible for any damages or injuries to yourself or others due to the use (proper or improper) of the product.

Take note of the following warnings for better safety on the water

  • Never wrap the leash cable around your fingers when pulling in your board. The force exerted by a wave can cause extreme damage to fingers or even, in extreme cases, amputate your fingers.
  • The leash can get caught on objects or rocks underwater, especially when surfing in in rocky areas. To avoid drowning, the surfer must first practice taking the leashe's ankle strap off quickly. It is important that you familiarize yourself with the leash and its ankle strap before heading out on the water.
  • You should not use Taiga leashes for fast-flowing or fast-moving whitewater practices, unless they are used in combination with buoyancy vests and you have been specifically trained for this type of practice.

The user of these products understands and knowingly accepts the risks inherent of all paddle sports. Taiga Board Inc. can not be held responsible for any damages or injuries resulting from the use, or misuse of these products, lack of common sense, or simply the inability to use these products. 

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