Janna Van Hoof


Describe yourself in a few sentences. 

I am a Florida raised Canadian that lives in Ecuador most the year. I think of myself as a sun and wave seeker helping people adapt to healthier & happier lifestyle by spending more time on and in the water through Stand Up Paddleboarding and SUPsurfing. I’ll be an animal loving, surfy vegan 4 life. 

When you are not on the water, what do you like to do? 

Typical surfer stuff like watch surf videos, do yoga, go hiking, play with animals, hang at beach bonfires, and then there is my ‘type A personality’ side that like to get stuff done-so I work on my bamboo houses, plan events, community projects, travel, and teach! 

What is your favorite paddleboard spot? 

I have two!

1- Toronto, Ontario - you can see the CN tower and the beautiful Scarborough Bluffs from The Beaches. It’s home to my SUP school and is the best place to paddle in all of the Toronto area. Instant cottage for the city residents and visitors, I love taking people out on the lake!

2- Canoa, Ecuador - you can paddle up a couple of rivers, out to the caves, hang with dolphins and sea lions, and catch plenty of waves. 

What is your preferred Taiga Board?

The El Cabronito 7’2 to be SUPsurfing and the 12’6 Kazuzu to cruise on! 

If you could choose your dream spot to practice SUP, where would it be? 

Ooo- good question. I’d have to say Kelly Slater’s wave pool all by myself and some friends for a week. 

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