The enthusiasm for outdoor and water sports has only increased over the past year, and the paddle board did not escape it. Our Tribe has grown and that means the demand has grown aswell! We've sold out of pre-orders this year and some of you haven't had the chance to get your hands on a TAIGA BOARD but, we got you!

Are you one of those wondering when the next pre-order will take place?

You are literally dreaming of getting a TAIGA at night?

EASY! Make sure you are subscribed our newsletter : you will see THE email informing you of THE official date of the next pre-order. Oooooh my god, it's cooooming!

Oh but wait, are you still hesitating between different models?

Send us an email, we will be happy to help you with that :

You haven't had the chance to try our products yet?

We have several demo centers and collaborators in Quebec, New Brunswick and even in Ontario!

Do not hesitate to contact or even go meet them : Not only do they have our TAIGA products, but are also super nice!


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