Nicolas Jolicoeur


Describe yourself in a few sentences.

Gaspesian of origin, I live in and studied engineering in Sherbrooke where my highest distinction was '' Master of disguise ''. Now, I'm starting to be an old dude with a white beard.

I am the co-founder of a growing company and dad of 2 young boys: my life is a semi-organized chaos. Passionate about travel, I visited 24 countries (you know Hawaii and Guadeloupe are countries in my head), and in different modes: backpack for several months, 2 years of an expat, etc.

Maniac of snowboarding, I have always been a fan of boardsports and lifestyle surrounding them (skateboarding, wake surfing, etc) and what is really fun is that we are developing a lot of new toys.

When you are not on the water, what do you like to do?

Well, I'm either on earth on in the air.

What is your favorite paddleboard spot?

I love going to Hampton Beach (The Wall and Jenness Beach) for a short vacation of a few days. On the agenda: SUP Surf and sandcastles. In Quebec, one of the coolest spots is to go down the Red River from Labelle. It's a perfect descent of 4h with stops on sandy beaches. For short, quick summer evening rides or for meetings on the afternoon water, my favorite spots are the Parc des Milles-Iles in Laval or Parc des Iles-de-Boucherville. 30 minutes away from home. 

What is your preferred Taiga Board?

As I have access to the entire quiver, I tend to carry a lot with me:

  • Kazuzu 12’6: my favorite go-to board. Fast and stable. 
  • El Nino 8’3: to SUP Surf in the waves. 
  • Thuya 11’0: to hang with my 2 boys at the cottage.
  • Race 14’0: to train and get better.

If you had to choose a dream paddleboard spot, what would it be?

Several places are on my bucket list: SUP Surf trip to Nosara (Costa Rica), Sayulita (Mexico) or Chicama (Peru). I would love to revisit all my childhood spots around Gaspésie as I did not have the chance to paddleboard there when I was a kid. Any place in the Pacific Islands with crystal clear turquoise water must be pretty dope too.

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