Pierre-Philippe Loiselle


Describe yourself in a few sentences. 

I have been a true SUP passionate since 2012. I am an experienced paddler in both calm and agitated waters, I like to surf the waves in Montreal, Nicaragua and the US East Coast. Over the years, I have participated in several races and have won the Triple Crown three times at MTL SUP Fest. Now a certified advanced trainer in calm waters, and an instructor in agitated waters with Paddle Canada, I continue to spread my passion and knowledge to the avid lovers of paddle surfing in Quebec. 

When you are not on the water, what do you like to do?

It is hard to find something to say! I am pretty much always on the water! When I am not on the water, I am working on my music with my group, Les Filles du Roy!, for which I am a singer and percussionist. If not, I really enjoy living my Montrealthrough music and sports. I really like biking and longboarding. Or else, I really enjoy painting and visual arts, to which I dedicate a lot of my time.

What is your favorite paddleboard spot?

The Lachine rapids. For me, it is the most energizing place in Montreal. Unappreciated by many, it has a rich ecosystem, wild and full of energy. A true natural treasure and one-of-a-kind, it is the Holy Grail of agitated waters for me. 

What is your preferred Taiga Board?

El Pepito 8’0: This board was designed to be the most versatile in all types of SUP surf environments. Whether it’s the waves at Guy, the rapids in Lachine or the waves of the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, this board offers the optimal mix of stability and maneuverability.

Racer 14’0: Why do I use this board? It’s not complicated: its speed. Being on the water all the time, speed becomes a key element. The Racer 14’0 allows me to prepare for the summer races.

If you could choose your dream spot to practice SUP, where would it be? 

San Juan Del Sur in Nicaragua. There are several great SUP spots there (Remanso, Hermosa, Escameca, Yankee, etc.). This town is truly perfect, as it offers an exceptional variety of beaches with world-class surfing conditions. 

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