Simon Trudel-Perreault aka Strudel


Describe yourself in a few sentences.

I am a true Homo Aquaticus of the modern era. I never want to leave my comfort zone: the water! Ever since I was little, I have sought to integrate myself into this marine world that fascinates me. I studied marine biology at UQAR, I love scuba diving (which has actually become my job today at the Biodôme), I surf and I now also practice SUP. If you are looking for someone who is ‘down’ for an adventure, an expedition or a round trip to Hampton in 12 hours just because the swell is good, I’m your man! 

When you are not on the water, what do you like to do?

I am on the ice and water of the Saint Lawrence River in an ice canoe, surfing or scuba diving. In short, I am always on the water. 

What is your favorite paddleboard spot?

Maui Island close to Lahaina where you can paddle with humpback whales or the Lachine rapids, which I frequent as much as possible with my El Nino or El Limon. 

What is your preferred Taiga Board?

The El Nino or the El Limon in the ocean and Lachine rapids for paddle surf. If not, to participate in races, such as the Greater Montreal Outrigger Challenge, the NY Open or the Carolina Cup, I use my Racer 14’0. 

If you could choose your dream spot to practice SUP, where would it be? 

Chicama in Peru, it is a super long wave and I am goofy foot – it’s the perfect match! 

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