El Pepito 8'0


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The El Pepito 8'0 is an extremely light and solid SUP board that was designed specifically for SUP surfing. Its shape allows for maneuverability and smoother sharp turns.

It preforms very well in small, medium, as well as large waves. This board was designed specifically for river SUP surfing; however, it preforms exceptionally well in ocean waves as well.

This board is tailored towards advanced riders that already have SUP surfing experience.

Design/shape created in partnership with Pierre-Phillippe Loiselle


- 8'0’’ x 28’’ x 4,1’’ - 106 litres 

8'6’’ x 30’’ x 4,1’’ - 120 litres 

Weight: 19 lbs
Type of board: SUP Surf
Maximum capacity of rider : 200 lbs (intermediate-advanced skill level)
Shape: Flat nose and body that turns into a V-shaped tail

Board finish: Mix of matte and glossy (rail: Glossy, wood: Matte)


  • Machined EPS 15kg/m³ foam core
  • Top/Bottom: multi-layer fiber glass/epoxy/wood + PVC 
  • Rail: Fiber glass
  • 2 wooden side panels for solid structure and embellishment
  • All plugs and insertions are reinforced with PVC

5 Fins - INCLUDED: Quad configuration (4 fins) + thruster (3 fins)
  • 1 central 6.5’’ honeycomb fin
  • 4 smaller side honeycomb fins (front: 2 x 4.6’’) (back: 2 x 4.3’’)
Ergonomic handle: Concave V shape for better grip and easier transportation.
EVA deck pad: 4mm EVA anti-slip mat with crocodile skin finish. The back portion of the board is in a diamond/crocodile formation with a kick tail for surfing.
FCS GoPro mount: FCS mount for GoPro and all other accessories.
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