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The Akoya AIR 9'5 is an INFLATABLE All around SUP designed for many different bodies of water. Its large and shorter shape makes this board very maneuverable. With its 4.75'' thickness, this SUP offers a better gliding feeling on the water.

The portability of an inflatable board makes it easy to store in the trunk of your car or even to transport it by plane for overseas adventures.

Dimensions: 9'5’’ x 32’’ x 4.75’’
Volume: 270 litres
Weight: 20 lbs

Board pressure:18 PSI
Type of board: Inflatable / All around / Excursion / SUP Yoga
Maximum capacity of rider: 260 lbs


Drop Stitch with military grade PVC wrap for advanced durability. More rigid double rail for stronger structure. EVA 4mm mat with crocodile finish for more comfort.

''Stringers Fusion Tech'' technology creates a structure two times more solid than a standard, lower-class board. Internal pressure up to 18 PSI.

Taiga Board-Inflatable SUP-Drop StitchDrop Stitch Technology: Internal structure looping the top skin and bottom skin with millions of very fine polyester threads. Allows for high pressure capacity (15-18 psi).
Taiga Board-Inflatable Stringer-BeltCentral Stringers: 2 central stringers created from composite materials fused together with PVC over and under the board. ''Stringers Fusion Tech'' technology creates a structure two times more solid than a standard, lower-class board.
Bungee Storage: Front and rear bungee storage for light luggage or safety vest.
Taiga Board-Inflatable SUP-HandleHandle with anchoring ring : Superior quality neoprene handle for easy transport. Attachment ring to ancre board for SUP yoga sessions or to hook to a dock.
Removable central handle : Removable central handle allowing for more comfort and fluidity during SUP yoga sessions. Can be removed to avoid discomfort that a permanent handle could cause while on your stomach or back.
Transport bag (included):1 ergonomic transport bag with straps and wheels.
Taiga Board-Inflatable SUP-FinsFin (included): 1 high-quality plastic central fin ( 9'').
Taiga Board-Inflatable SUP-PumpPump (included): 1 portable manual dual action pump
Taiga Board-Inflatable SUP-Repair KitPatch repair kit (included): Glue stick, PVC patches and valve tightening tool.
Fin travel bag (included): Includes the fin mentioned above as well as several other items (key chain, screwdriver, stickers, ...)

*Paddle and accessories sold separately*


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