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The Sequoia Air 16'5 is an INFLATABLE SUP party board designed to carry numerous riders in a variety of different bodies of water.

Using drop stitch technology, the board can achieve higher pressure (15 PSI) which makes it very sturdy and durable and allows for maximum performance.

Dimension: 16'5’’ x 74’’ x 8’’
Weight: 60 lbs
Type of board: Inflatable / SUP Squash / SUP Party
Maximum rider capacity: 2 to 8 people 


Drop stich technology consists of thousands of polyester threads that connect the top skin of the board to the bottom skin of the board. These threads then structure the board when inflated as well as allow the board to keep its shape. The outside of the board is made up of a layer of very robust and extremely fine PVC mesh. Having a single reinforced layer allows the River Air 9’6 x 35’’ to be much lighter than other two-layer boards without sacrificing durability. A PE belt is added to the middle of the board to achieve the necessary rigidity.

Taiga Board-Inflatable SUP-Drop Stitch



     Fins (Included): 3 plastic central fins (9'')

Pumps (included): 2 portable manual dual-action pumps
Travel bag (included): 1 ergonomic travel bag with shoulder straps, black and white.


Patch repair kit (included): Glue stick, PVC patches and valve tightening tool.

*Paddle and accessories sold separately*


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