Borea 10'6 - Seafoam Edition (PRE ORDER - END OF JULY 2021)


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PRE-ORDER END OF JULY 2021: Buy now for reservation. Available at the end of July 2021.

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The Borea 10'6 (Seafoam Edition) is a versatile allaround board suitable for all bodies of water. This board is great in calm waters, as well as for SUP surf longboard style.

This board will be your best friend at the cottage, at the beach or even just going out for a casual surf. It’s also a great board for beginner riders just starting out SUP surfing in small waves.

Same model as the blue Borea, but with a new graphic design. (See first 4 pictures for new colours) The following pictures refer to the construction and finish of the materials.

Dimensions: 10'6’’ x 31’’ x 4,5’’
Volume: 182 litres
Weight: 27 lbs
Type of board: All-around
Maximum capacity of rider: 220 lbs
Shape: Concave nose, flat body and tail


  • CNC Machined EPS 20 kg/m³ foam core for shape precision
  • Sandwich-like structure of fiberglass and epoxy with 3 layers of each on the top of the board and 2 layers of fiberglass and epoxy mix on the bottom. Overlap of 5 layers on each side (rail)
  • Strigner in PVC
  • Wood veneer panels to solidify and embelish the structure
  • High-density PVC reinforcement under the deck pad. All the insertions (plus) are reinforced with PVC as well.
Fins - INCLUDED: Thruster fin configuration including 3 fins: 1 central fibreglass fin (9'') and 2 plastic side fins.
Ergonomic handle design: Inverted V shape for better grip making it easier to carry around.
EVA deck pad: EVA foam pad, 4mm thick with anti-slip crocodile finish. The back portion of the board is in a diamond/crocodile formation with a kick tail for surfing.

Fin travel bag includes many items: key chain, screwdriver for central and side fins, various stickers.

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