Des pompes électriques aux pompes manuelles compactes, nous avons tout ce dont tu as besoin pour ton SUP gonflable!

    Jusqu'à 20 PSI.

    Inflatable Paddle Board Pumps

    Welcome to TAïGA BOARD, your go-to source for paddleboard essentials designed in Canada. We're here to outfit you with the best paddleboard pumps, designed to match our custom inflatable paddle boards' high quality, durability, and versatility. Choose from our selection of electric, double-action and triple-action manual pumps, each offering unique advantages.

    Our 12V electric pumps provide an effortless inflation process, saving you time and energy so you can get on the water faster. Compatible with all TAIGA BOARD’s inflatable paddle board, our electric pump can either inflate or deflate your SUP in just 10 minutes. Capable of inflating a SUP up to a maximum pressure of 20 PSI, the pump automatically stops once chosen pressure is reached.

    Our triple action manual pump is a reliable choice for those preferring a hands-on approach or when electricity is not available. They're durable and easy to use, always keeping your paddleboard ready for action. With its universal adaptor, this pump is compatible with all inflatable SUP models.

    Pumps are perfect for those seeking high performance and efficiency but have low storage space. These pumps are half the size of a regular manual pump and have two different types of performance: low pressure or high pressure.

    All of our Paddle Board Pumps are currently available

    Just like our boards, our pumps are designed to perform in all conditions, offering you the reliability you need for your paddleboarding adventures. Choose Taiga Board for straightforward, high-quality paddleboarding equipment.