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    The construction of our inflatable paddle boards (iSUP) is among the best on the market: our technology enables our boards to be twice as stiff as an entry-level board (stiffness similar to that of a hard SUP). The carrying bag and accessories are also top-quality: our inflatable SUPs come with a triple-action pump, deluxe bag and fins. Perfect for those who like sturdiness, ease of transport and storage.

    Tested to handle up to 45 PSI, approved for 20 PSI.

    Discover our Air Series!

    Why are TAIGA's inflatable SUPs superior?

    Lighter. Stability enforced. Premium construction. Innovative design. Portability. Rigorous testing. Commitment to customer satisfaction.

    Additional Information about our inflatable Paddle Boards

    The construction of our inflatable paddle boards (iSUP) is among the best on the market: our technology allows our boards to be twice as rigid as an entry-level board (similar rigidity to that of hard SUP). The carrying bag and accessories are also high quality: Our inflatable SUPs come with a triple-action pump, a deluxe bag and fins. Ideal for lovers of robustness, ease of transport and storage.

    Our inflatable SUPs are about robust construction and top-tier rigidity, advanced design, and exceptional versatility. Every paddle board in our collection is meticulously designed to meet various paddleboarding needs. Whether you're a seasoned paddler seeking the thrill of riding waves, or a yoga enthusiast looking for the tranquility of a calm lake, our inflatable paddle boards adapt to your preferred style of SUP. They offer enhanced control and stability, coupled with adjustable fins, providing a personalized paddleboarding experience.

    The quality of our inflatable SUPs extends to the accessories we provide. Our triple-action pump enables quick and effortless inflation, getting you on the water faster. The deluxe bag ensures your board is safely stored and conveniently portable. In addition, our fins, which are included with every board, are designed to improve steering and stability, further enhancing your paddleboarding experience. TAIGA BOARD is dedicated to providing everything you need for a robust, easy-to-transport, store, and unforgettable paddleboarding adventure.

    While hard paddle boards are celebrated for their superior speed, enhanced glide, and optimal performance in wave riding and long-distance paddling, their size and rigidity can pose storage and transportation challenges. This is where inflatable paddle boards shine. Offering a high-performance alternative, iSUPs boast similar rigidity to hard SUPs thanks to advanced construction technology but have the added benefits of portability and easy storage. They can be deflated and packed into a carrying bag, making them perfect for adventurers on the go or for those with limited storage space. While hard paddle boards offer excellent performance, inflatable boards can sometimes be the ideal choice, striking the perfect balance between convenience and performance.

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    Embarking on a paddleboarding adventure requires more than just a quality board. Essential equipment includes a paddle tailored to your height and extremely light for optimal stroke efficiency. Safety gear is mandatory, with a personal flotation device (PFD) and an ankle leash being non-negotiables for any paddling session. Appropriate attire, sun protection, and hydration are critical for comfort and health. A reliable pump is necessary for safe and effective inflation if you're using an inflatable board. With this range of essentials, you're ready to conquer the waters!