At TAIGA, we are proud of the products we create and year after year, we improve our manufacturing with the intention of offering you products that continue to surpass our quality and reputation.


We offer the initial buyer a one (1) year warranty on the quality of your board and accessories. 

The warranty will be applied, if and only if: 

  • When you unpack your board, you notice: a manufacturing defect (delamination, EVA pad that peels off, color defect)  
  • You notice a defect on the materials (hull breakage, breakage of a fin box, etc.)  
  • An accessory is missing 
  • You use your board according to the recommended maintenance and the practical guides and you nevertheless stumble upon a manufacturing defect. 

How to apply the warranty, if needed:

  • In order to activate the warranty, it is important that you fill our WARRANTY CLAIM within 14 days. Please detail the situation as much as you can. Once we have received all documentation, we will get back to you within 3 business days. 
  • The warranty only applies to the first buyer. If misused, a paddle board can easily be damaged. In many cases, this is not a manufacturing problem, but rather negligence from the initial owner. 

The warranty will not be applied if:

  • Your board is delaminated as a result of exposure to excessive heat (direct sunlight, prolonged time in the car and/or in its boardbag). 
  • The damage suggested appears more like normal wear and cannot be modified due to its substrate (fireglass or PVC). 
  • Your board shows damage due to improper use and maintenance. 
  • Your board got damaged as a result of negligence, misuse or an accident while loading, unloading, transporting or handling it on or off the water. 
  • Your board has been used for commercial purposes such as rentals and paddle board lessons 
  • Your board is damaged due to impact with rocks or other sharp objects. 
  • Your board was damaged while paddling, surfing in the waves, and SUP racing  
  • Your board has been improperly repaired or altered by people not referred by TAIGA  
  • You board was damaged as a result of storage space that was either too wet, too hot or too cold (see the blog post on this subject on our website)  
  • Your board was damaged due to natural disasters or accidents, such as fire, floods, etc.  

What is the quality control?


  • Visual test for design quality  
  • EVA pad quality test  
  • Airtightness test in a water basin (or pool)  
  • Leak test of the valve  
  • No twisting of the PVC Maximum air pressure at 25 psi   
  • Quality control on the fin boxes 
  • Validation that the package contains all accessories 


  • Visual test for design quality  
  • EVA pad quality test  
  • Quality control of lamination  
  • Quality control of fin boxes   
  • Validation that the package contains all accessories  

Who can I contact if I have questions?

If you have any questions, we invite you to contact our Customer Service team at info@taigaboard.comWe also offer service on the live chat in the website.

Purchases made at KSF or other retailer

If the products were purchased at the KSF store or another retailer store, please follow the same steps as an online purchase and fill out the WARRANTY CLAIM form. A TAIGA staff will review your claim and will give you further instructions. 

You don't have to contact the retailer right away, we will take care of it.