TAIGA's Paddle Boards

Our products are developed in Canada (Quebec) and built overseas.

Although some companies imply that their inflatable paddle boards (iSUP) are made in Quebec, the reality is that 95% of iSUPs are made in Asia and 5% in Europe. NO inflatable boards are built in Canada.

Since our mission is to offer high quality and durable products, the choice of our production partner is based on several trips to China. TAIGA's team regularly travels there to develop new constructions, to find the best possible production quality and the best use of materials.

It's all about weight, experience, usage and water bodies. Read our blog to discover all our tips. You have more questions? Chat with us! Jae or Jess, our customer experience officers, are the best to help you!

Truth be told, it's mostly a question of transportation, storage and price. Basically:

Hard: more efficient, more stable, more versatile and more effective

Inflatable: more robust, easier to transport, easier to store and less expensive

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Hard SUP Construction & Technology

Our Wood Series hard board technology features 4 layers of fiberglass fused together (increased durability and resistance) and a reinforced PVC foam core (light boards), all covered with a natural wood veneer and epoxy to add more protection. Learn more.

Our hard SUPs weigh between 26 lbs and 32 lbs, depending on the model.

Inflatable SUP Construction & Technology

The construction of our inflatable paddle boards (iSUP) is among the best on the market: our technology allows our boards to be twice as rigid as an entry-level board (similar rigidity to that of hard SUP). The carrying bag and accessories are also of high quality. Our inflatable SUPs come with a triple action pump (inflates 3 times faster), a deluxe bag and fins. Learn more.

The technology we use in the construction of our inflatable boards is X-shaped filaments crossed between 2 woven membranes. It solidifies our boards. Learn more.

The technology we have developed for the Nano Zip Air 9'8 which allows it to fold in half on itself before being rolled. This technology allows for storage in a carrying bag that is 50% smaller and more compact than normal SUPs. Learn more.

Our inflatable SUPs weigh between 15.6 lbs and 26 lbs, depending on the model.

It depends on your strength! Plan a good 10-15 minutes to properly inflate your board. We also sell electric pumps which allow you to plug the pump in your car to inflate the board. Effortless!

Tips & Tricks

  1. Always keep one hand on the olive and one hand on the shaft
  2. Place your hands shoulder-width apart
  3. The paddle blade should be facing you

More tips.

1 central fin: ideal configuration on a lake in calm waters. It allows great sensations, to keep speed and trajectory.

2 fins (twin): configuration of smaller fins on the side generating more speed and grip, practical in rivers, whitewater and shallow water.

3 fins (thruster): configuration single fin + twin used only in surf and SUP surf. It allows to keep speed and a better grip in the waves.

4 fins (quad): specific configuration for surfing and SUP surfing for big hollow waves, allowing a better grip in the tube. It can also be used for SUP in rivers, whitewater and shallow water.

Leash coil: for use on lakes, rivers and calm waters only due to the spring effect

Leash straight: for use in calm waters and waves from 0.5 to 8 feet

1-piece paddle: Fixed paddles are more efficient and solid. They can be cut to the desired length.

2-piece paddle: Adjustable paddles are strong and ideal for accommodating different users.

3-piece paddle: Removable paddles are ideal for small storage spaces, such as fitting into your inflatable's bag or your small car.

  1. Take your board out of the water as soon as you realize that it has a small notch to prevent water from entering it;
  2. Dry your board in the sun. If there are small bubbles coming out of the hole, you can try to suck the water out with your mouth;
  3. When the board is dry from the inside and the outside, you can sand it finely and put epoxy to seal the hole.

You have other questions? Contact us!

Yes, no problem! On your next outing, be sure to add the few PSI you lost to maximize your experience on the water. However, NEVER leave your paddle board in the sun! The heat could increase its pressure even more.

With our X-WOVEN technology, you can inflate your SUP from 18 PSI to 20 PSI for maximum rigidity. Without this quality technology, your paddle board could explode if exposed to the sun. The heat creates a thermal expansion since the internal pressure of the board increases of some PSI.

Yes, it's normal that at the beginning the pump doesn't indicate anything since it starts at 7 PSI. Even if your board seems inflated and hard, you have to keep pumping! The hand will indicate what pressure you are at when you push.

The electric pump requires a 12V car cigarette lighter plug.

The electric pump nozzle is universal and compatible with all brands and models of inflatable SUP on the market by exchanging the joints (O-Ring). By this very fact, it is not possible to inflate mattresses, bicycle tires or other with this pump.

Storage & Transportation

It is important to rinse your board well and store it out of the sun. Weather permitting, it is always best to store your board in its carry bag when it is completely dry to avoid moisture build up.

  1. Wash your board with a mild soap;
  2. Let your board dry completely;
  3. Deflate your board to roll it up and store it in its carrying bag with its other accessories.

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Ideally, you should have a rack on top of your car. You will need pads and tie down straps (NEVER use ratchet straps).

We strongly recommend that you use a board bag to avoid weather, rocks or frequent exposure to the sun, which could damage your board.

You can remove the fin to avoid any possible breakage.

However, our board bag is equipped with a zipper that allows you to leave the center fin on the board even when it is stored. During transport, the fin can be an additional security. In the event that a lousse is created, the fin (placed at the front of the car) will grab the strap and hold the board until the situation is resolved.

Warranty & Exchange

We offer the initial buyer a three (3) year warranty on the quality of your board and a one (1) year warranty on accessories which cover manufacturer faults. Please refer to our warranty policy for more details.

You may return unused product for an exchange or refund within 30 days of receiving your order. Please refer to our return policy for more details.

If any of the products you ordered are defective or appear damaged, please refer to our warranty policy for more details.


Yes, delivery is free throughout Canada with any purchase of $150 or more!*

*Please note that hard boards are NOT delivered to your home, but to terminals specialized in handling fragile and oversized packages. Look at the checkout to see the FLAT RATE for shipping to the terminal in your area.

**For customers in Quebec or Ontario, we also offer door-to-door shipping at a flat rate of $175 ($95 for the Montreal Region) with a delivery time of 1-3 business days.

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Yes, we're now shipping to the USA!*

Fees calculated at checkout. Delivery Time: 4-7 business days

*accessories only

  • Pick up at TAIGA SHOP (any product)
  • Ship by mail (any product except hard boards*)
  • Ship to a terminal (hard boards)

Please refer to the shipping & pick up section for more details.

Orders are delivered Monday through Friday. If your order is placed before 11am, it will be shipped the same day. If it is placed after 11am, it will be shipped the next business day.

Please refer to the shipping & pick up section for more details.

  • Shipping by mail normally takes 2 to 10 business days.
  • Shipping to a terminal takes 2 to 5 business days.

Please refer to the shipping & pick up section for more details.

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Customer Service

Jae or Jess, our customer experience officers, are the best to help you!

Yes! Contact a Demo Center near you to try a TAIGA paddle board before buying it! They will give you the best advice on our boards.

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