How to Properly Hold Your Paddle 

Think of your paddle as your board’s best friend. The way you hold it affects your board's performance and, consequently, your overall paddling experience. If you’re looking for effortless speed and maneuverability on the water, the following tips will definitely come in handy!  


Taiga board - anatomie pagaie


Tip 1

Most importantly: remember that the blade of your paddle must ALWAYS be facing towards you.   

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Tip 2

If you’re paddling to the right of your board, your left hand should be on the handle. If you’re paddling to the left of your board, then your right hand should be on the handle.  

Tip 3

Avoid placing both hands on the shaft. It’s more efficient and ergonomic to place one hand on the handle, and the other on the shaft.  

Tip 4

Extend both arms so that they’re shoulder width apart. The hand on the handle will be the driving force to pull the blade in the water. The hand on the shaft will help guide your movement.  

Tip 5

Extend your paddle towards the front of your board, enter the blade in the water and pull your paddle towards your feet in a straight line. Make sure that your paddle is vertical. You want the movement of your stroke to be parallel to the board.  

Tip 6

To move forward in a straight line, alternate your strokes evenly on both sides of the board.