Fun summer days on the lake



    Designed to ride the waves created by a wakesurfing boat, these boards are made of carbon fiber and real wood for lightness and strength.

    Wakesurf with TAIGA

    Riding the wave of exhilaration, our wakesurf boards are specifically designed to maximize the thrill inherent in the sport of wakesurfing. Unfolding a unique blend of adventure, balance, and control, wakesurfing enables the surfer to ride the endless wave produced by a boat's wake without being directly pulled by the boat after getting up on the wave. This sport, offering a more relaxed, yet equally thrilling alternative to traditional surfing, is an exhilarating experience that our wakesurf boards are tailored to enhance.

    Consciously conceived to tame the diverse water conditions found across Canadian waters, our boards encapsulate the resilience and spirit of the majestic northern waterscape. Whether you are dancing with the gentle waves of a tranquil lake or challenging the vigorous wakes of the Pacific coast, our wakesurf boards effortlessly cater to a spectrum of conditions. Created with a keen understanding of the varied Canadian waters, these boards bring exceptional performance, allowing surfers to adapt and excel in different water environments.

    Our wakesurf boards represent the harmonious intersection of nature and technology, integrating the strength of carbon fiber, the buoyancy of EPS foam core and the look of a wood veneer. The carbon fiber construction ensures the lightness of the board, contributing to easy maneuverability and superior control. Simultaneously, it imparts an unmatched durability, allowing the board to withstand the stresses of wakesurfing. The wood veneer, on the other hand, is not just aesthetically pleasing but also offers a protection to the board. The foam core adds buoyancy and a responsive flex, enhancing the surfing experience. This fusion of material creates boards that are lightweight, durable, and high-performing, embodying an ideal balance of advanced technology and nature's own genius.