No swell, no problem



    For a smooth ride down the aisles on our surfskate board, for a quick beer run or a long ride with our longboard. Our skateboard collection was designed to let you enjoy board sports on land too. A timeless design with a surf spirit and an agile ride, discover our Canadian maple wood skateboards.

    Surfing the Streets with TAIGA

    Our skateboard collection, which includes both surfskate boards and longboards, invites you to transform the concrete jungles of Canada into your personal playground. Whether you're gliding through the bustling boulevards of Montreal on our nimble surfskate board, making a quick beer run, or embarking on a mesmerizing long ride along the stunning vistas of Vancouver with our longboard, our skateboards bring the freedom and thrill of board sports from the ocean to the city streets. They allow you to carve your path, swerve around corners, and master urban terrains with the same surf spirit that drives wave riders.

    In crafting our skateboards, we remain deeply rooted in our Canadian heritage, utilizing premium Canadian maple wood known for its robustness and flexibility. This locally sourced wood not only adds a natural aesthetic to our skateboards but also provides a sturdy, resilient foundation. Its excellent flex characteristics contribute to a smoother, more responsive ride, absorbing shock from street bumps and offering optimal control even at high speeds. These boards are a testament to our commitment to local resources and the environment, creating a sustainable and high-performance solution for the urban surfer.

    Our skateboards celebrate the original ethos of skateboarding - a sport born out of the desire to surf the streets when the waves were flat. With a timeless design that embodies the soul of surf culture, we've recreated that surf-like agility and fluidity on land. The versatility of our surfskate boards lets you perform tight maneuvers, embodying the swift, cutting moves of surfing, while our longboards offer a cruising experience, reflecting the long, sweeping carves of longboard surfing. No matter which board you choose, you'll experience the undiluted essence of board sports, linking the terrestrial and aquatic realms and allowing you to embrace the roots of skateboarding in a uniquely Canadian way.