NANO ZIP AIR Inflatable SUP:
Why it's our Favorite


Being a big fan of paddleboarding, we wanted to create a new board that would push the game a bit further: a new compact board that combines the quality of TAIGA products and the ease of transport/storage of inflatable boards.

What makes it different from other inflatable SUPs?

It's simple: it's 50% smaller and more compact than typical inflatable paddle boards sold online. Once properly stored in its bag, with its pump, paddle, and fins, the Nano Zip Air measures 22'' x 18'' x 12''. That's about the size of a carry-on.

Whether you want to take it on a hike, store it in your suitcase or in the entryway closet at home, anything is possible!

How did you make that happen?

In order to maintain the quality and rigidity of TAIGA products, the design was created to allow the board to befolded in half along its length. The central straps, transport handles, and fins are located on both sides of the board.

Promise that it is just as effective and durable?

The quality of our products is our priority at TAIGA, and that will never change. The Nano Zip Air 9'8 is just as performant, efficient, and durable as our other inflatable SUP models. 

As an all-around SUP, it is perfect for all bodies of water. For example, its removable handle makes it easy to use for SUP Yoga, and its Bungee elastic allows paddlers to go on expeditions safely. 

Real reviews, from real people.


This paddle board is really compact! It's perfect for vanlife. The design is ingenious to make it as compact as possible. It fits nicely into a slightly smaller space. We love SUPs from this company, top quality and durability.


Perfect size for transporting. Easy to unpack and inflate. A solid and stylish board. Love it.


Compact, lightweight and so practical. My 7-year-old son comes out on the water with me and the board maneuvers really well. I recommend it 100%. I like the carry bag, it's small and for my needs it's great!


This board is simply incredible! The "ultra-compact" concept is quite successful, with all the advantages of ease of transport without any compromise on the board's performance. It allows me to discover lakes and rivers that are only accessible on foot. I have no problem walking several kilometers, the carry bag is very comfortable and the whole kit is very light.


The perfect board for sailing enthusiasts. Once stowed in its bag, the board is easily stowed inside the sailboat. If you're staying at anchor for a few days, you can also leave the SUP tied to the stern of the boat or on deck. If need be, the bag is pretty useful for carrying groceries back to the boat, too!


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