★★★★★ +10 000 HAPPY PADDLERS


Here are 6 big reasons why all paddle board enthusiasts immediately fall in love with these inflatable SUPs from TAIGA.

1. Amongst the Most Rigid on the Market

Thanks to our new technology, our inflatable paddle boards have a rigidity similar to the hard ones.

✓ Little to None Rebound Effect 

✓ Board Will Not Concave in the Middle 

✓ Sharp Responsiveness 

✓ Better Glide on the Water 

2. Optimizes Your Stability

Worried about your balance? Our inflatable paddle boards are 4'75 in thick instead of 6', optimizing your stability by lowering your center of gravity.

✓ Hydrodynamic Shape 

✓ Low Center of Gravity 

✓ Increased Stability  

3. Over +10 000 Happy Paddlers!

THE compact board 

Ideal for those who lack space. The quality of the board is unmatched. I bought cheap boards... and was always disappointed. FINALLY I found it.

★★★★★ - Phil.

Really happy with our purchase! 

This is not our first inflatable SUP and we felt the difference instantly. The SUPs are super stable and impressively maneuverable. Plus, they are such a head turner.

★★★★★ - Patrick G.

4. The Most Compact on the Market

The Nano Zip Air 9’8 is one of the most compact boards that combines the quality of TAIGA products with the ease of transport/storage of inflatable boards.

5. 10 Years of Experience on the Market

Founded in 2014, TAIGA's mission is to promote and make paddleboarding accessible by manufacturing thoughtful, high-performance products that stand out in the industry.From the shapes to the interior construction, and accessories of our boards, we want your purchase to last for the longest time.

6. Test it out for 3 Years

Ready to give TAIGA’s inflatable SUP a try? We are convinced that you won't want to go on the water without it. If for some reason you find that our inflatable SUP isn’t right for you, we offer a 3-year warranty on the quality of your board and accessories. All to win, nothing to lose.

Why are TAIGA's inflatable SUPs superior?