How to Put Your Paddle Board in the Water

by Nadia Bonenfant

Do you ever wonder what’s the most efficient and safest way to put your paddle board in the water? Are you constantly asking yourself if there are any tips or tricks to speed up the process? Are you looking for more protection for the fin, the most important part of your paddle board?  

Whether you have access to a dock or not, here are 2 safe and easy ways to get your board in the water.

1. Launching with dock

  1. Lift the front of the paddle board and put it into the water;
  2. Lower the tail of the board into the water; 
  3. Secure the leash onto your ankle and grab your paddle. Place it across the deck of the board or keep it in one hand;
  4. Get onto the board, staying on your knees to start;
  5. Gently paddle away from the dock;
  6. Before returning to the dock, get down on your knees;
  7. Place your paddle on the dock; 
  8. Gently lift yourself and place your buttocks on the dock;
  9. Remove the leash from your ankle;
  10. Lift the side of the board first with the help of the handle located at the center of the board;
  11. Slowly lift the entire board out of the water, while paying attention to the fin.

2. Launching without dock

  1. Place your board in the water, fin first ;
  2. Make sure the fin does not touch the bottom of the water;
  3. Secure the leash to your ankle before getting on the paddle board;
  4. Kneel down on the board to begin;
  5. Gently paddle away from the shore;
  6. Stand up on the board only when you are several feet away from the shore;
  7. As you approach the shore, get down on your knees again;
  8. Get off the board before the fin touches the bottom of the water;
  9. You can either keep the leash on or remove it;
  10. With the help of the handle located at the center of your board, lift the side of the board first;
  11. Gently lift the entire board, while paying attention to the fin.

Happy SUPing!