by Simon Lebrun

Martinique in SUP and Kite

We travel as a family every winter to destinations that allow us to practice our favorite sports: Surf, SUP, Kite. We generally look for accommodations located in front of the spots, relatively close to the other breaks but also offers activities for children. Lately, our choices have become limited by the presence of ZICA, but fortunately, two irreducible islands have remained immune to the virus.

Among these islands: Martinique.

So we went with Maya, our 3-year-old daughter and two TAIGA paddle boards: an inflatable SUP, the Boréa Air 10'6, in order to carry my daughter there and go on hikes on calm water and a SUP surf, the El Limon 7'8, to attack the waves, because yes sir, Martinique is famous for some of its surf spots including waves perfect for SUP surfing.

SUP et Paddleboard Martinique


Our choice for the two weeks was in the Village of Pointe in Pointe Faula. A renowned kite spot, you could also inflate the SUPs and have access to the water directly from the beach as the sea there is calm being protected by the reef. From the tip, you can take a sandbank that advances towards the reef which is ideal for toddlers. The resort is made up of around fifty small houses for rent, simple but clean.

Hébergement surf MartiniqueHébergement surf Martinique


As it is necessary to rent a car for your stay in SUP & Kite in Martinique, we rented a small SUV to facilitate our travel. We opted for the Stepway at Location Martinique which was the best deal on the island. Our explorations of the island were reserved for SUP.

SUP et Paddleboard Martinique


 Las Salines Beach

First stop: the Salines Beach. Located 30 minutes from Faula, this square is accessible by car and even offers free parking for the day. We were the only ones paddleboarding, how perfect! At Las Salines Beach, it's simple. You find yourself a spot in the shade of a tree, you inflate your board and off you go. We hiked the beach round trip and it was the perfect distance before Maya (3 1/2) was ready to go snorkeling. Although we are used to bringing our picnic when we go on expeditions, several restaurants were available to us.

Anse Figuier

Second day: direction Anse Figuier. 30 minutes from Faula, Anse Figuier has become one of our favorite places near Faula. An ideal spot to discover the coast and learn to surf small waves. A nice chill and family atmosphere with some cool snacks at the end of the beach. Great snorkeling and free parking.

Anse l'Etang

Third day: the waves promise to be good at Anse l'Etang. Although the journey takes 1 hour, the last stretch to get there is simply magnificent. We parked the SUV on Rue du Surf and, depending on the wind, we found a hell of a nice break. There are several surf schools in the water, but since the spot is huge, there is enough space in the water for everyone.

SUP surf Martinique

Anse d'Arlet

Fourth day: the inevitable Anse d'Arlet. Located 60 minutes from Faula, this small village by the water is a dream. The color of the water gives only one desire: go discover the bay on a paddle board. The water is calm, the water turquoise... It's perfect!

Plage municipale de Sainte-Anne

Fifth day: the municipal beach of Sainte-Anne. 30 minutes from Faula is one of the best swimming spots for children, which also makes it a good place for flatwater. For dinner, a detour to the market in the village of Saint-Anne: is a must.

SUP Martinique

In short, Martinique is a heck of a place for a paddleboarding focused trip. For questions, advice or favorites on the destination, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Have a nice trip!