Paddle Board Must-Have Checklist

by Sophie Corriveau

You're about to head out for your next paddle board outing and want to make sure you're well prepared? Here's a list of essentials to ensure you're fully equipped!

What to bring?

In addition to your SUP, paddle and center fin, here are the safety items you absolutely must have:

Personal flotation device (PFD) or inflatable belt pack

Ankle leash

✔ Whistle

✔ Bouyant rope

✔ Waterproof flashlight

What to wear?

In summer, don't underestimate the strength of the sun, even when it's hidden behind the clouds! We advise you to wear a rashguard over your swimsuit for longer outings, as well as a hat or cap to protect you from the sun's rays.

Besides summer, it's super important to dress for the water temperature (not the air temperature!). Read our articles :

Practical additions

Dry bag

✔ Waterproof sunscreen (SPF 30 minimum)

✔ Lip balm (SPF 15 minimum)

✔ Water bottle

✔ Sunglasses

✔ Sandals

✔ Compact towel

✔ Snacks

✔ Cash or credit card

✔ First aid kt

✔ Cellphone

To print: Checklist Paddle Board Excursion 

Have a good excursion!