by Jordan-na Belle-Isle

Top 5 Spots to Paddle Board in Toronto

Who would have thought that the biggest city in Canada is also a great place to go stand up paddleboarding? Toronto sits on Lake Ontario, and is the perfect urban destination for any SUP enthusiast.  

Here are our top five spots to paddle board in Toronto!

5. Scarborough Bluffs 

Technically in Scarborough, the Bluffs is so close to Toronto that it warrants a mention in the top five! Removed from the city, it feels like a mini nature getaway. Enjoy the best view of the majestic bluffs from the water, then paddle along the tree-lined cliffs to find your very own secluded beach. Unless you have a car, it is not as easy to access like the other spots and is very popular. Get there early to beat the weekend crowds as parking fills up fast. 

4. The Beaches 

Coming in at number four is The Beaches, a three kilometer shoreline stretch from Woodbine Beach to the R.C. Harris Water Treatment Plant. Dock at one of the beaches to grab some ice cream or admire the historic Leuty Lifeguard Station. With uninterrupted views to the south, it is a great place to watch the sunrise or sunset from your board. Make sure to check the winds though, as it mostly sits on the open lake.  

3. Cherry Beach 

Our third pick is Cherry Beach, a popular paddle spot right in the city. Accessible by car, bike, and bus, it is a classic sandy beach and an ideal place for some family-friendly cruising along the shoreline. For more adventurous outings, you can launch to Tommy Thompson Park and the above-mentioned Toronto Island Park. It can get busy on summer evenings and weekends, with boat traffic and parking, so plan accordingly.

2. Humber River 

Set in preserved parklands and wetlands, the Humber River is a surprisingly natural destination in an urban setting, making this our second favorite spot. It is also the only paddling location accessible by subway. Start from King’s Mill Park and paddle the 3.5 kms to the Humber Bay Arch Bridge. Enjoy the peacefulness of being surrounded by trees while trying to spot turtles, blue herons, and beavers.  

1. Toronto Island Park 

Our top spot is a chain of 15 small islands that are a quick ferry ride from downtown Toronto. This car-free, city-run park is a top destination for all paddlers. The inner channels are perfect for paddling as they offer protection from the wind and minimal boat traffic, along with many opportunities for wildlife spotting, island exploring, and stunning views of the city skyline.  


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