by Laurence coulombe

Why Take an Introductory Paddleboarding Course?

Before buying a paddle board, we suggest taking an introduction course first. If you own a car, it’s likely that you took driving lessons first? (I mean, we hope you did!) Personally, I think the same should be done when considering purchasing a paddle board. For both technical and safety reasons, here are some reasons why you shouldn’t skip this step.

Photo : Guillaume Milette

Basic SUP Skills

When starting a new sport, one should always understand and practice the basic skills. By learning how to do thing properly right from the get go, you save yourself may hours learning how to do it properly on your own. That means you’ll spend less time falling in the water (unless you enjoy falling in the water … then be my guest!).

To ensure that receive thorough instruction, look out for schools who are certified by Paddle Canada. Instructors who don’t have this certification may not have the same depth of knowledge of skills or safety standards. An introduction course will teach you how to stand up on your board, how to use your paddle correctly (you’d be surprised how many beginners hold it the wrong way!), how to control your speed and direction, and so much more! You might even learn some lil tricks to impress your friends! Basically, a paddle board course can make all the difference: from intro courses to flat water advanced courses, there’s something for all levels!

SUP Safety

Certified SUP instructors are also trained to teach you important safety procedures. Safety is always priority on the water. Understanding your equipment and the laws and regulations of paddle boarding should never be neglected. An introduction course will not only teach you these basics, but it will also teach you plenty of useful tips to help avoid detrimental experiences on the water. You’ll learn to build a checklist with reminders such as: do you have a water bottle? Did you bring snacks? Did you check wind speed and direction, etc.? Check out the following blog posts for more recommendations - you can never be too cautious!

Superior knowledge of paddleboarding

After your intro to SUP class, you’ll be better equipped for your future outings. In fact, I bet you’ll even say, “I never thought I’d learn so much!”— I hear this all the time after my classes. You’ll have the knowledge to tackle different bodies of water and weather conditions. You’ll have better judgment when it comes to deciding whether it’s a good day to go paddleboarding or not. And once you’re on the water, you’ll be able to make better decisions in regard to which direction to paddle in and what techniques to use and when.

Photo : Renata Juszczuk

In short, an introduction to paddleboarding class will teach you the fundamentals for an enjoyable and safe time on the water. You’ll learn how to combine safety and technical skills for an unforgettable experience! It’s definitely worth the investment.

If you’re interested in taking a course, here’s a list of our demo centers and SUP schools that offer SUP lessons.