Clodie Rivard

Who is Clodie from the TAIGA club? 

I would describe myself as a real little woodland fairy. Nature lover, wild and connected. I love to laugh, enjoy life in my own way, but most of all, I love to do yoga! I love doing yoga outside and teaching it is a true passion for me! That's why I founded my own business, Yoga Lunaison, which is a nature-inspired yoga business. I have always loved board sports, snow, skate, SUP... And now, I also teach SUP yoga!

For me, TAIGA is the best boards, the best quality, but most of all, a local company! 

When you don’t have both feet in the water, what do you do?  

Enjoying life somewhere else with my lover and probably in nature or in our new house on the lake. Otherwise, I am busy with my business and still have way too many projects and ideas.

What is your favorite spot (on the water, obviously) and why?   

Any lake brings a smile to my face! In my area, there is no shortage of waterways! But I love going to our lake in front of our house, it's a beautiful big lake. I also love the quiet spots to do my SUP yoga while listening to the frogs and crickets singing. 

Your go-to TAIGA board(s) and why?

My big favorite is my Nano Zip Air! It is just perfect! For doing my SUP yoga, short or long ride and it's really easy to carry! I also like the Awen board for its stability. And of course, the Borea is my other favorite! It is fast and stable enough for SUP yoga. Otherwise, I love them all!!

If you had to choose one ‘’dream spot’’ to go and enjoy your board, where would it be and why?

Anywhere in the wilderness to enjoy the beautiful views.

If you had one piece of advice to give to a rookie who doesn't know the wonderful world of water sports yet, what would it be?

Go take a course and jump in the water. And most importantly... HAVE FUN! Water sports make us enjoy the moment so much. You must live it to understand it!