Complementary Accessories for Your Hooké AIR 11’6 Paddle Board

Accessory 1 

For fly-fishing enthusiasts, the Scotty rod holder is a must.  Ideal for holding your fly-fishing rod or for trolling with a fly rod and reel. This rod holder will keep your reel safe



Each kit comes with an accessory mount. Accessory mounts allow you to upgrade your board and improve your fishing experience with additional accessories. You can install up to 4 accessory mounts on your Hooké AIR 11'6 X TAIGA paddle board. 

Ready to step things up a notch? Find them at Scotty's. 

Accessory  3

No wise fisher heads out onto the water without hydration at hand.  A bottle of water, coffee, kombucha: the cup holder, available at Scotty's, can hold all your favourite beverages! 

Accessory  4

The Scotty tray is a must-have for keeping your fishing accessories such as lures and knives close at hand, or even for attaching your bait. 

Accessory  5

Secure your fishing rod to your paddle board with the Scotty rod holder. This multifunctional accessory is ideal for fishing bass trout, and other medium-sized fish. 

Accessory 6

Available on our website and equipped with two (2) accessory mounts, the fishing rack can be fixed to your Hooké AIR paddle board and holds up to 2 additional fishing rods.