How to Adjust Your Paddle

Did you know that you can do up to 200 paddle strokes in just one SUP outing? Having your paddle adjusted to your height can make paddling this much a lot easier! Here's how! 


You'll need: 

Taiga board - Pagaie 1 Taiga board - tourne vis pagaie


Step 1

Hold the paddle in front of you, parallel to your body, with the blade edge touching the ground. 

Taiga board - ajuster pagaie 1

Step 2

Pull open the flap located near the handle of your paddle. This will allow you to slide the shaft up or down and thus lengthen or shorten your paddle.

Taiga board - ajuster pagaie 2

Step 3

Holding the shaft with one hand, extend your other hand so that it reaches towards the handle of the paddle.  

Taiga board - ajuster pagaie 3

Step 4

Adjust paddle length to where the handle meets your wrist. Place the handle so that it fits comfortably in the palm of your hand.  

Secure the shaft in place by pressing on the clip. If you wish, you can also tighten the screws on the clip with a screwdriver to prevent it from opening when paddling.   

Taiga board - ajuster pagaie 4

Ambassador tip:  

When SUP surfing, the length of your paddle should be shorter. This will allow you to maneuver your board more easily in the waves. In race mode, however, it’s the opposite!