How to Assemble Your 5-Piece Paddle for Nano ZIP AIR

To complete your NANO ZIP AIR kit, we’ve designed a 5-piece paddle that can be easily taken apart to fit into your travel backpack! 



Start by identifying the handle and the blade, these are the two ends of your paddle. The other pieces will be added in between and adjusted to your height. If you aren’t very tall, you might only need four pieces. 

Be sure to keep the fifth piece. It could come in handy if you lend your paddle to a friend who’s taller than you. 



Start by inserting one of the middle pieces of your Carbon Black performance paddle into the section with the blade and clip them together. 


Next, fold the clamp down to secure everything in place. 




If you need your paddle to be longer, repeat this step with one of the other middle pieces. If four pieces suffice, clip the fourth piece to your handle and adjust it to your height.