How to Inflate Your NANO ZIP AIR

So, you just bought a Nano ZIP AIR, but you’re still unsure about how to inflate it?  


Remove your new NANO ZIP AIR from its bag and unfold it completely.  


Just like with an inflatable paddle board, open the cap of the valve and make sure that the valve pin is in the upright position.  


After assembling your compact triple action pump, connect it to the valve. Turn it clockwise to secure it in place.  


Your compact triple action pump has three operating modes to facilitate the inflation process. Start with the first mode until you feel some resistance, then switch to the second mode. When you begin to reach the final PSI level, transition to the third mode.   For a smooth glide on the water, we  recommend a minimum of 15 PSI. But ideally, if you’ve got the energy, we suggest you aim for 20 PSI.. 

The entire process should take around 15 minutes. Stay with it!  

CAUTION: The pressure gauge will not read until you reach 7 PSI. Note that this pump cannot overinflate your board. 


At last, your board is almost ready to go! Once you’ve reached 20 PSI, disconnect the pump, secure the valve cap on your board and install your accessories for your NANO ZIP AIR outing. 


Your NANO ZIP is built with Woven X Fusion technology for outstanding stiffness, and its compact design makes it light and easy to transport. For best results, we suggest you inflate your board to 20 PSI. Want to speed up the process and skip the muscle work? Check out our electric pumps here.