How to Install NANO ZIP AIR Accessories

Everything in the NANO ZIP AIR kit was designed with ease of travel and storage in mind. Its compact format takes up less space in your vehicle and is perfect for expeditions to remote locations. 



The NANO ZIP AIR kit is equipped with two fins to ensure that your board will follow your chosen direction. 



Take the fins out of your pouch.,  The side fins have a flat and a curved side. Identify the curved side and make sure it's facing the rails of your board. (sides of your NANO ZIP AIR).  

STEP 2  

Slide the fin into the inserts. You can loosen the screws on each side of the fin box with the Allen Key if you have trouble getting your fin in. 


Once the fin is in (no gap between the bottom of the fin and the box), secure it in place by tightening the screws on each side of the fin box with the Allen Key included in your kit.   

STEP 4  

Repeat the same steps for the second fin. 


Just like our other inflatable paddle boards, near the valve is a D-Ring on which you can attach your ankle leash. Forgot how to install it? We show you how here.




Your NANO ZIP AIR is equipped with a bungee, ideal for carrying a dry bag, for example.  

The dry bag is not included in the Nano ZIP AIR kit, but it is a must for keeping your personal belongings dry and within reach.  You can easily clip it to the rubber bands or tuck it directly under the bungee.