How to Install or Check Your Vent Plug

A 2 cm mini cercle that makes ALL the difference in keeping your board perfect for as long as possible. 
The pressure valve is the most important part of your SUP. It controls the pressure of your board through temperature changes. 
If you were wondering what it does, take two minutes to find out. It's worth your time, promise. ✌️ 

You don't often hear about it, but all hard SUPs have a pressure valve with a Gore-Tex membrane that allows air to escape when the pressure is too high. It's the principle of thermal expansion, like a balloon: when it gets hotter and the air particles inside the board expand, they will simply flow out through the valve. 



Thanks to the Gore-Tex membrane, air can get out through the valve, but water can't get in. Your SUP may like to slide on the water, but it doesn't want it to get in. 


What to do? 

With time and use, the valve could unscrew and water could get in. We suggest you check it regularly and tighten it if necessary! Be careful, the valve is made of plastic: don't screw it too hard.


How to do it: 

You will need: 



Before your outings, check if the valve is loose. If it is, gently screw it back on, with a rachet. 




Step 1 : clean and dry


 Step 2 : Screw the valve back on


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