How to Install Rail Guards on Your Hard Paddle Board

Installing rail guards on your paddle board is a great way to protect the rails and keep it looking sleek all season long. Here’s how! 

You'll need 


Recommendations before installation:

  • When installing the rail guards, the ambient temperature should be at least 10 °C.  
  • After installing the rail guards, it is important to wait a minimum of 8 hours before using your board, ideally 24 hours.  

    Step 1

    Wipe the rails of your board with a clean cloth and mild soap. All dust and dirt must be removed for the rail guards to adhere to the board. 

    Step 2

    Visualize a median line that runs from the nose to the tail on each side of the board: this is where you will install your rail guards.  

    Step 3


    Starting at the nose of the board, place the sticky side of the rail guard along the rail and gradually peel short sections as you move toward the tail. Work out any air bubbles by pressing on the tape as you go.  

    Ambassador Tip: 

    Rail guards protect your paddle board from scratches and paddle strokes! They are easy to remove and will keep your board looking good as new