How to Install Side Fins on Your Hard Paddle Board

Depending on your paddle board, you’ll have the option to add side fins to your board. 


You will need: 

Step 1

The side fins have a flat and a curved side. Identify the curved side and make sure it is facing the rails of your board. 

Step 2

Using the Allen key, loosen or remove the screws that are integrated into the fin box. Then, insert the side fins making sure to place the dents in the dedicated area. 

Step 3

Once inserted, with the bottom part no longer visible, tighten the fins with the Allen key.  

CAUTION: Turing key with too much force may damage or strew insert key to depth line. 

Ambassador tip

Side fins enhance agility and surf performance, whether you’re catching a wave or on a river chasing rapids. However, they’re not recommended on flat water as they will only inhibit your ability to paddle in a straight line.