How to Install the Center Fin on Your Hard Paddle Board

The center fin is the rudder of your board! Because you don't want to go in circles on the water, here's how to install the center fin on your paddle board. 

You will need: 


Step 1  

Remove the screw from the center fin, and slide the aluminium plate to the front of the fin box, towards the nose of the board.  

Step 2  

Insert the fin base into the fin box slot and slide to the rear of the fin box. The tip of the fin should point towards the tail of the board.  

Step 3  

Slide the aluminium plate so that the hole is aligned with the screw hole of the center fin. 

Step 4  

Once aligned, screw your fin tightly into the aluminium plate so that you don’t lose it when paddling.  

Ambassador tip

The further back you place the central fin, the more your paddle board will go in a straight line. If you push the fin towards the front of the board, the easier your board will be to maneuver.