How to install your fishing accessories on your Hooké AIR 11’6 X TAIGA

Tip 1 

Attach your SUP anchor to the metal D-RING on the front of your inflatable paddle board. This will make it easy to access and drop in the water when you’re ready to immobilize your paddle board. The SUP anchor is a simple solution for fishing in windy conditions and in waters with strong currents. 

Tip  2 

The Hooké AIR 11'6 x TAIGA is equipped with 4 (four) accessory mounts. Secure the Scotty mounting plate (or accessory mount) with the 4 screws using a Phillips- head screwdriver. An accessory mount is included in your kit.  

Tip 3 

For the static position, place the rod holder included in your kit, or the Scotty brand rod holder, in the mounting plate (accessory mount) and orient it towards the front of the board at a 45-degree angle. 

For troll fishing, placing the rod holder perpendicular to the board (at a 90-degree angle) and closer to the water’s surface is recommended. The rod holder included in your Hooké AIR 11'6 kit can be placed at different angles. 


Tip 4

Several Scotty accessories are available to tailor your Hooké AIR 11'6 inflatable paddle board to your needs. The Scotty bait board and accessory tray is an excellent, versatile and practical choice. Place it at the front of your board for better field of vision of your surroundings. 

Tip 5

Insert the fishing rod holder (arch shape) into the mounting brackets at the back of the board. Make sure that it is secured in tightly and that it can’t move. 

Tip 6

Place your cooler in front of the arch and tie it to a D-RING to secure it in place. Your cooler can also serve as a seat to rest on or for jig fishing.  


Tip 7

For your safety equipment and extra clothing, we recommend you to use a drybag with detachable straps that you can easily attach to the fishing rod holder. A valuable accessory in case of an emergency. It can also serve as a backrest.   

Tip 8

For your future catches, place your net under the front bungee of your Hooké AIR board. To avoid losing it, always make sure that it is properly attached to one of the D-Rings located on the side of your paddle board. 

Tip 9

To help secure your paddle to your board whenonce you find the perfect fishing spot, we have've addedincluded a set of two straps that you can placewrap around your paddle andto hook it to the two D-Rings located on the side of your paddle board. Start with the top strap and finish withthen the bottom strap, leaving enough room distance to attach them to the D-Rings.  


Pro tip: you can also attach the two straps to a fishing rod. 


Tip 10

Free your hands and secure your paddle or fishing rod by attaching them to the side of your inflatable paddle board.  

Tip 11

Always within reach, the adjustable bait board and accessory tray offers you comfort and unparalleled freedom for storing your fishing tackle. Use it to store lures, baits, pliers, knives, cameras, water bottles and so much more! 

Tip 12

A sonar device can easily be installed on any of the accessory mounts! An ideal tool for beginners to help detect nearby fish. This accessory is especially  recommended for deep water fishing.