How to Install Your Leash on Your Hard Paddle Board

The leash is what ties you to your board, so you definitely want to attach it safely. 

You will need: 

Step 1

Remove the cord that's attached to the velcro rail saver on your leash. Then, slide the loop end through the plug located at the tail of your board. 

Step 2

Pass the knotted end of the cord through the loop end. 

Step 3

Insert the open Velcro part of the leash rail saver through the loop of the cord.  

Step 4

Close the two Velcro layers one on top of the other on the rope.

Ambassador tip:

Transport Canada requires that you wear your leash on the water at all times. Make sure you always carry it with you. We don’t want you to be fined if you are caught without it.