How to Maximize Storage Space in Your Travel Backpack

When designing the NANO ZIP AIR backpack, we made sure to include details that would help maximize storage space allowing you to carry all your favorite accessories with you on your paddle board outings.


We're used to packing all our accessories into our travel bag. What we love about the NANO ZIP AIR travel backpack is that it was specially designed to maximize storage space. 

On each side of the bag are straps, velcros and pockets to store accessories such as your paddle and pump, for example. Your dry bag can be used to store your personal belongings.


The five parts of your paddle can be inserted into the side pocket of your travel backpack. Fasten the top strap and tighten it to secure everything in place. 


On the other side of the bag, a velcro and straps allow you to easily carry your triple action manual pump without having to disassemble it.


By maximizing storage space this way, you’ll have your NANO ZIP AIR, accessories and personal belongings all ready for your next SUP adventure in a compact and easy to carry bag.