How To Transport Your Paddle Board on the Roof of Your car

Do you want to explore the most remote and secluded lakes and rivers? Here’s how to install your paddle board on the roof of your car so that you can visit all your dream destinations. 

You will need :


Place your board on the crossbars located on the roof of your car, making sure: 

  • That the roof pads are well in place on the roof rack bars
  • That your board is located in the center (front - back, as well as left - right). Your handle should line up with the middle of your car
  • The bottom of your board is facing up. If you decide to leave the fin on your board, it must be facing upwards and towards the front of the vehicle
  • If you have 2 boards, put the largest first and then stack the shortest on top following the same steps. 



Install the straps tightly. To do so: 

  • Pass the straps under the crossbars on each side of the paddleboard, making sure that the buckle  is on top of your board 
  • Insert the end of the strap into the buckle. This will allow you to secure the board in place 
  • Place equal pressure on each strap to avoid pressure points on the board. 

    STEP 3  

    Once the straps are tightened, push and pull on your board to make sure it stays in place on your roof. 


    STEP 4   

    Wrap the excess of your strap around the crossbars and secure it with a knot to prevent it from making noise while driving.