KSF FLAGSHIP STORE - In-store Shoping


KSF is the exclusive reseller in the Montreal metropolitan region and its surroundings. They possess an entire demo store of all TAIGA products. 


The KSF team will be more than happy to guide you in your next purchase! You can test out all SUP models and accessory directly in the water basin in front of the KSF boutique, located. You can also purchase and leave with your products in-hand the same day. 


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Situated on the Saint Laurent river in Montreal, KSF is the pioneer of Stand Up Paddle in Quebec. We are proud of this partnership with this extremely motivated and professional group of people. 



  • Cut and glue fixed paddle 
  • Rail guard installation 
  • Board repair 
  • Board installation for vehicle transportation 
  • SUP courses 
  • Training recognized by the Paddle Canada federation